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Naisargik Karaka of Grahas

Naisargik Karaka of Grahas/ Natural Significance of Planets in Jyotish



Naisargik Karaka (नैसर्गिक कारक): Naisargik means natural by definition and Karaka means significator. So by their intrinsic nature they govern or represent something very fundamentally.



They are same for all and are governed by lord Brahma. They have Rajo Guna: passion and excessive energy, He uses them for creation of all.


For Example Jupiter is Naisargik Karaka (Natural Significator) for: children, wealth, knowledge, elder brother, religion, discrimination, law, social order, hearing, sweets etc.




Naisargik Karaka of Saturn :


Labor, hard work, all labor oriented professions (which require considerable/repeated labor), worker class, servant, service, low social status in society or low caste, laziness.


Criticism (Saturn enjoys criticizing and complaining), selfishness, self centered, lies, dissatisfaction, slow (मंदा), determined, sorrow related philosophy, disease, lame person (problems in limbs), theft, lies, old person, old age.


Strict, firm follower of tradition, rituals and/or other religious practices, history, antiques, pain, sorrow, suffering, grief, tears, misery, poor, poverty, deprived, orphan, masses in general, donkey, dull, fool, stupid, ugly (not beautiful), wicked, cold /hard hearted (not much affected by the pain or sorrow of others), stubborn (जिद्दी), tolerance (pain or suffering)


Muscles in general, muscles of body builders (built by repeated hard work), sin, eunuch, alcohol (all kinds: varied percentage or strength, flavors etc), oil, gas and related products, iron and steel industry, mining industry, bow and arrow, black color, blue sapphire, ascetic (one who can have self austerity or self denial), saints, sadhu, renunciation, sacrifice (त्याग), one year, longevity.


Bhav Karaka: 6th H: service; 8th H: tapasya, hard work, longevity (strong 8th L is good for longevity); 12th H: humility


Vayu Tatwa: Prana and separative, it is the vayu that separates the two physical boundaries of bodies and sustains them individually.


Worship of Shri Kurma Avtara, Goddess Kali ,Yamraj, Lord Brahma



Naisargik Karaka of Rahu :


Worldly pursuits and enjoyment (bhoga-marga)


Foreigner, foreign affairs, foreign land, going/living abroad.


Cheat, dacoit, goons, burglar, terrorist etc who use threat, force or deceit to achieve their means.


Knowledge of poisonous/deadly chemicals (can be used in making drugs to cure), physics, nuclear technology, nuclear bomb, metallurgy or metals manufacturing, big modern electronics or machinery ( like: transformers, fridges, computer servers , data storage devices, various machines used in labs of all kinds and in medical examination etc), mantra shastra.


Out of the box thinking (normally unthinkable by most), research ( various kinds of research: like searching information on internet, doing some testes and finding results: it may be in sciences or psychology or medicine for high tech goods/services etc., identifying the correct birth time of a native in Jyotish is also research)


Innovation, nontraditional, going beyond the boundaries or know limits, exploring in space, spy, spying (for government and or private).


Diplomacy, very refined and polished behavior to achieve ones worldly goals, sales or manipulative and sophisticated negotiation.


Scandals, scheming (षड़यंत्र), cheating, deceiving, black magic, politics with manipulative attitude, adharmik/irreligious or moral less character, wicked, harsh speech, fashion (innovation with Venus), unchaste, gambling, serpents, frogs, wandering, traveling, narcotics, smuggling.


Rahu is Naisargik Bhadhaka (problem creator).


Worship of mother Durga, mother Chinamasta and Varha Avtara in Vishnu Avtara.



Naisargik Karaka of Ketu:


• Tradition/parampara, marriage for maintaining lineage and its continuity


• Sadhu, mystic, crazy or funky person


• Outcast (shudra), a culture that is different to one's own culture


• Revolt, border or internal security forces


• Detachment (माया का त्याग), emancipation (moksha, अंतर्ज्ञान)


• Constructed buildings/apartments, bricks


• Thief (चोर) or Thug who can steal things with great ease, ability to think like a thief/thug


• Widow


• Intuition, mathematics, number part (अंक गणित)


• Hiding things, keeping many secrets, expertise in deceiving/misleading others


• Micro electronics, small modern electronics equipment: (phones, calculators, ipads, computers, other small gadgets)


• Precision equipment: watches, compass, small medical devices, scientific devices to measure various things with accuracy


• Intuition (छटी इंद्री का स्पर्श), dogs (dogs can sense spirits and they are very uncomfortable should there is one around them), duty-minded, fishes, all kinds of sea food, smoke and smoking, menial jobs, occult professionals: (astrology, witchcraft etc), mistakes, headless, fanatics who can do extreme thing or can die for a cause, rash approach, flag


• Worship of lord Ganesha, Shri Matsya Avtara in Vishnu Avtara, Mother Dhumavati, Mother Chamunda




To be continued..