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Amsha Rulers and Motivations for Karmas

Amsha Rulers and Motivations for Karmas



Objective: to understanding the inner or intrinsic motivations of a person using Amsha Rulers for the karmas he does in the society.

Amsha Rulers are the Gods, Rishis and other good or bad Mythological Characters (of Hinduism)  who govern the primary motives of planets and hence they govern the motives and karmas of a person.



For example: We all know that Sun is the naisargik karaka (natural significator) for leadership, politics, ruling and heading or leading an institution/organization.


If the Sun is placed in 10th House (of achievements) in Dashamsha Chart (D-10) of a native, then it guarantees leadership roles for the native in life. In other words, native will finally be head of an organization/group he is contributing for.


NOW: If this Sun is placed in Kubera Amsha (Shri Kubera is also the deity for wealth and money in Vedic system), then the primary focus of the native is on wealth generation and money creation. Consequently this leader will be very good in generating wealth and money or creating the financial prosperity of the entire organization.



In the negative context it can also make a native entirely focus on money depending up on how selfish he is (seen from many other aspects). Therefore, Sun in Kubera Amsha in the 10th House in Swargamsha (D10) can also make a leader who just wants to amass huge wealth for his personal motives, while contributing for leadership positions in the society.
Likewise we can study the Amsha Rulers of planets in different Divisional Charts (Varga Chakras) for deeper meanings.



Note: any good Jyotish software lets one know the Amsha rulers in every Divisional Chart.