Amsha rulers of Shashti-Amsha (D60) chart govern the primary motivation of grahas and hence the native in totality.

Atma Karaka graha (graha having highest degrees in the natal chart) signifies the soul of the person and the influences falling on a soul to fulfill some Karmas in Maya during this incarnation.
So if the Amsha Rulers of Atma Karaka is are in benefic Shashti-Amsha, then native is a pure soul who is motivated by good karmas and normally lives a fair and honest life. Even if he is compelled to do some little Adharma, his soul cries from inside.
Some examples of Benefic Shashti-Amsha rulers are: Maheshwara, Deva, Vishnu, Komala, Amrita, Soumya etc.
The nature and quality of the soul is like the description sated above of different D60 Amsha rulers.
Complete example: If a native has Moon as AK (Atma Karaka) in Deva Amsha => then he/she will be somewhat compassionate, empathic, helping etc in general because Moon is AK and he governs the soul of the native.
Above all these traits will be for benefit, wellbeing and positivity of other/society because of Deva Amsha, as this person is carrying a divine agenda in this lifetime. So it will be really impossible for this native to deny his/ her help or support or show compassion should he find others in difficulty/need.
Because of his Dharma and positive Karmas in his past lives, he is blessed to be born with divine motives and native does accordingly.
Amsha Rulers are the Gods, Rishis and other good or bad mythological characters (of Hinduism) who govern the primary motives of planets and hence they govern the motives and karmas of a person.
Note: any good Jyotish software lets one know the Amsha rulers in every Divisional Chart.