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Timing events with certitude: the key is using the correct Dasha System first, along with transits (we are ignoring the, Gochara, for the moment in this article).


In Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra ( B.P.H.S), Maharshi Parashara has taught various variations of Vimshotri Dashas for timing events in the lives of natives. These special Dashas, also called conditional Vimshotri Dashas are applicable for natives who have some special combinations in their birth charts.


One such Dasha system is called Chaturseeti sama dash: applicable when 10th lord is in 10th house in the natal chart of a native.


Normally these kinds of Natives( having 10th lord in 10th house) are workaholics. Their personal sense of work, achievements and success are primordial in their mind. Consequently their entire life revolves around their karmas in the society. Regardless of any situation in life their work takes the centre stage in their life and hence their perceptions, feelings and experiences are governed by their success/work only.


Although normal Vimshotari Dasha, which is based on progression of  Moon in various Nakshatras/constellations is applicable for all but special dasha system gives very clear and bulls eye results and there is no need to beat behind the bush or give fancy explanations.


Birth Chart Analysis of  Mahtama Gandhi


In the Rashi chart, we can see that: 10th lord is in 10th house, Moon is in Cancer. So Chaturseeti sama dash is clearly applicable for the native.


The native, after being pulled personally in a great battle, was working for only one Mission: i.e. complete independence of India from British.


It was such a big task that no one at that time was sure of the success, though all freedom fighters were eager to die for their mother land.


In the Dashamsha Chart ( D10, seen for work and karma) we can see that 9th lord of fortune, Sun, is placed in the 11th House of fulfillment of desires and that Maha Dasha indeed brought about his " dream come true": Complete Independence of India.


We can see that Venus, being placed in quadrant from Lagna (Ascendant), brings about Neecha Bhanga (cancellation of debility) of Sun.



Image 1 : Rashi and Dashamsha Chart ( D10) of Mahatma Gandhi


Mahatma Gandhi Rashi and Dashamsha



Image 2 : Dasha showing: Chaturseeti sama dash for Mahatma Gandhi



Mahatma Gandhi  Dasha System


Image 3 : Dasha showing: normal Vimshotri Dasha for Mahatma Gandhi.


Mahatma Gandhi  Dasha System