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About Gaurav Dave

Gaurav DAVE has more than 18 years of experience in learning, practicing and researching in Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). He is passionate about the subject and his mission is to help individuals, enterprises, and organizations in achieving their personal, social and professional goals by using the divine knowle. [..]

Concept and Philosophy Behind Indian Astrology

Each Human being has three inseparable parts associated with his/her present birth. He has a Body, a Mind and a Soul. The mind and the body are perishable and get destroyed one day, but the soul cannot be destroyed or die because it is the part of The Supreme Soul (God), in Hinduism called Narayana. Most of us think ourselves […]

Learn Indian Astrology

              Jyotish is a very vast subject and takes a lot of time,dedication and hard work to learn and master it well.One must first develop solid foundation of its basic concepts by understanding the deeper meaning behind them.The study of Vedic culture and its attributes enable one to attain this, as Jyotish is a […]